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Privacy Policy

What is this Privacy Policy for?

Digital Marketing City provides the privacy policy for It governs how user privacy is protected for those who use the website. This policy addresses concerns regarding user privacy and provides guidelines for users and website owners. It outlines obligations and requirements related to various aspects of user privacy. Furthermore, it explains how user data and information are processed, stored, and safeguarded on the website.

The Website

This website and its owners are committed to protecting user privacy by taking proactive steps.

Use of Cookies

No cookies are used on this website.

Contact & Communication

When reaching out to the owners of this website, you are doing so of your own accord and may be prompted to share personal information. Please be aware that any information you provide is at your own risk. Your details will be kept confidential and securely stored until they are no longer required. We have taken precautions to ensure email safety, but caution is still advised.

When you submit information on this website, the owners will use it to answer your questions and provide additional information about the products and services they offer. If you grant permission and it was made clear to you, your details may also be used to subscribe to email newsletters from the website. This may occur if you have previously purchased or expressed interest in a product or service from the company the email newsletter relates to. It is important to note that your details will not be shared with any third parties.

Email Newsletter

We are not using any Email Newsletter from our website to take your data.

External Links

This website only strives to provide high-quality, safe, relevant external links. External links may be clickable text, banner, or image links that redirect to other websites. Our website contains links to external sources, but there are no links to external company websites.

Social Media Platforms

When we participate in social media platforms, our communication, engagement, and actions taken are subject to each platform's terms, conditions, and privacy policies. We encourage users to be mindful and cautious about their privacy and personal information when using social media. We advise users to contact us via email or phone for diplomatic discussions. Please know that we will never request sensitive information through social media channels. We may use social sharing buttons on our website, but users should be aware that by using them, the social media platform may track and save their activity. Use these buttons at your discretion.

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